1-Day Beginner Volume Eyelash Extension Training

This course is for students who have a good understanding of Classic Eyelash Extension Application. The cost of our 1-day training and certification is $ 800.00. Enrollment in this custom lash creation course includes our kit, certificate, manual and lunch.

In this course, you will learn 3D-6D Volume Eyelash Extension training using .07 weight. Sinful Instructors focus on the art of fan making using the Sinful Lashes Brand luxury lashes. Instructors will show you how to perfect three techniques in fan making so you are able to create gorgeous, full, lush lash sets. We manufacture our own line of luxury eyelash products that contain the finest ingredients available. We teach innovative aftercare to ensure your clients’ eyes and eyelashes are not harmed by extension wear.

The cutting-edge volume eyelash application techniques demonstrated during this eyelash fan training course originated in Russia. Sinful Lashes founder, Michelle Rath, perfected it to include a range of lash mapping to appeal to all clients. By using our fine .07 lashes we will create beautiful lash fans. The volume fan techniques you learn in day one will help you personalize sets. These improved sets will be lighter in weight than classic lash sets. Instructors will focus on advanced techniques, product knowledge, styling and lash mapping.

Students will require a model.

Students receive plenty of one-on-one and hands-on lash application training to ensure you go home feeling confident that you can do beautiful lashes.

The cost of our 1 day training and certification is $ 800.00 and includes a complete kit, certificate, manual and lunch.